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Registration Open Click on tab 60th Reunion Registration

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 for the > 60th Reunion! <

October 7,8,9, 2022

Continue registration until you come to the last page with

Marjorie Wright Stephans Address and the total amount due.

Question or problem call Karen at 316-655-7840.



All Facebook users - search for our New Private Group Facebook Page -(Wichita West '62 Class)
  • We'll use this for Quick Notifications about our 60th Reunion in 2022.
  • You can Inivite other class members to Join the Facebook page.
  • Most information will be on this website (www.wichitawest62.com) and Sign-up for Reunion. If other class members haven't joined this website you can invite them if you have their email or phone number. 
  • We'll send out messages on Facebook to notify you of any new additions or updates for 60th Reunion.
  • So let us know if you are on Facebook by adding your User Name for Facebook on this Website on your Profile page. (Click on Person Icon and click on Edit Contact info. Email/address/ phone etc., Save at bottom of page.  To add facebook name Edit Profile. Don't forget to save.)
  • Any questions can be asked on Facebook  
    Add #Question - check the Topics tab for question submitted. 


Hope you'll join the fun and plan on coming to the 2022 Reunion! 

More details posted soon, for a weekend of October 7-9, Our next meeting is February 27. 

2022 Committee: Marjorie Stephans, John & Karen Kelly, Max Patrick, Roger Sampson, Margaret Meyer, Suzanne Koch, Mike Phipps, Judi Fellers, Melinda Ware & Wilma Wine. 

To join our website, go to Classmate Profiles and click on your name

"True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart"

This site was created to help promote, celebrate and reconnect with Wichita West class of 1962 classmates. Your participation is essential for it to succeed. We need your photos, updates, and memories to enhance the site. Your fellow classmates will enjoy hearing about you. Even if you haven't attended a reunion, nor kept in touch since high school, we ask that you please take the time to update your profile and maybe add a photo of two. Your additions will make this site fun, interesting and complete.

If this is your first visit, to get you started, please click on "First Time Visit" on the left side of this page. If you have already joined, please log in to view the announcement area.

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•   Doris Huffman  9/22
•   Jimmie White  9/16
•   Karen Dowler (Kelly -Webmaster)  9/13
•   Leroy McMillen  9/13
•   Dorothy Hughes (Keller)  9/13
•   Shirley Hiebsch (Howe)  9/13
•   Arleen Downing (Marsala)  9/8
•   Herbert Wiley Jr  9/5
•   Robert (Mike) Sugg  9/5
•   Thomas Rhoten  9/5
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Know the email address of a missing Classmember? Click here to contact them!


Percentage of Joined Classmembers: 49.3%

A:   138   Joined
B:   142   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


Donations to be used for Website Expenses & Misc. Excess expenses for 60th Reunion, if needed.