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This page is dedicated to the classmembers that have served in the armed forces and to those that have lost their lives in the service to our country.  It is my honor and privilege to be creating this page. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the classmembers that have given their time and valuable information.  We all admit there are many more names that should be included on this page and I would like to request that if any of you know of someone that should be acknowledged here please Contact Us.  Also, as much of this information is recollection, if there are errors please contact us so that we may have an accurate site. In addition, any and all information that can enhance this page only adds to the honor that is due to these people.  Thank you. kk


Billy Ray Arnold ~ Army
Anthony E. Avery ~ Army, Deceased 1999*
Fred Bellman ~ Army National Guard
Marvin Budd ~ Army National Guard
Richard Clarey ~ US Army - Vietnam Vet
James Conley ~ Army, Deceased 2013*
Ronnie Collins - Navy, 1965-1967, Vietnam: Navy Reserves 1964
Susan Karen Connor ~ AF
Everett Donham ~ Navy, Deceased 2013*
William (Bill) Decker ~ Air National Guard, Deceased 2009*
Harvey Albert Farha ~ US Navy, Deceased 2012*
Robert (Bob) Fellers ~ Army
Larry Forrest ~ USMC
J. R. (Riley) Fowler ~ USAF
Danny R. Frisbie ~ Army, PHU Lam Vietnam 1965
Patrick Gates ~ US ARMY
W. Warren Gretz Jr. ~ Air Force
Charles Hanna ~ Air Force, Deceased 2017* 

Douglas Higbee ~ US Army
Jimmy Dee Johnson ~ USMC
John M. Kelly ~ US Army Reserve, 10 years Rank E7
Jerry Malter ~ United States Marine Corps
Samuel Mc Millin ~ Kans. Nat, Guard and U.S.Army
John Mcaninch ~ Navy
Ernie (Ernest) Nelson ~ U. S. NAVY

Dan Northrop ~ US Army-Drafted, Vietnam Veteran, 1966-1968, Deceased 2019
Ken Peebles ~ US Navy, 20 years, Deceased 2000
Ronald Perryman ~ Army, Deceased 1966*
Mike Phipps ~ Army
Larry Rambo ~ Army,  Deceased 2014*

Marlin Raybourn ~ Army
Steven J. Redding ~ Marines in 1964, Deceased 2001*
Judy Ross ~ US Air Force with husband '63 to'66
James Trezise ~ Marines - Deceased 2019
Donald Van Burkleo ~ Navy, Deceased 2012*
George Vance ~ Air Force
Donald Van Burkleo ~ Navy 1957, Deceased 2012*
Larry Wacker ~ Army
Jerrold (Jerry) Watson ~ Army, Deceased 1999*
Edward Weippert M. D. ~ Army
Otis Williams ~ US Army
Dana Winkler ~ Army
Thomas Whitehead ~ Army, Deceased 1968*


Deceased *


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