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Mr. Carl Barnhart Science Teacher



From Lyndon Drew:
Mr. Barnhart also taught science at Wichita West High School. Here is a story about his Lafayette cars published in the school newspaper (West Word, May 25, 1961).

The West Word is honored to have as its last “Pride of the Parking Lot” Mr. Dennie Bretz’s 1937 Lafayette. This “beauty,” which is well known to all West High students, has quite a history behind it.

According to Mr. Bretz, math teacher and coach, somewhere in the past the car was bought by Mr. Carl Barnhart, head of the science department at West, for reconditioning. After having it painted and the motor overhauled, he found a 1936 Lafayette Coupe in better condition.

He bought the ’36 and sold the ’37 to Mr. McCaffrey at East High for his son to drive. Luck was with Mr. Bretz as Mr. McCaffrey’s son refused to be seen in it. In February of 1958, Mr. Bretz became the proud owner of the masterpiece for the astounding sum of $40.

As a matter of public information, Mr. Barnhart sold the ’36 coupe to Mr. Harold Froning, senior Counselor.

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Posted: Aug 07, 2019 at 8:16 PM