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Alumni Info

West High Pioneer Alumni Association, Inc.

Mission Statement:

The West High Pioneer Alumni Association (WHPAA) is dedicated to the promotion and welfare of Wichita High School West, the preservation of its traditions of excellence in education, sports, community service, and the advancement of its stature in the Wichita area. The WHPAA seeks to connect West High graduates, West High students and their parents with each other and the school. The WHPAA believes that an active alumni association is the primary instrument to advance these principles through philanthropic, educational, and community programs.

WHPAA Philanthropic Goals:

  1. Offer scholarships to seniors pursuing College or Career opportunities
  2. Offer partial scholarships for con-current courses.
  3. Offer partial scholarships to the Learning Center.

WHPAA Educational Goals:

  1. Presenting educational programs and guest speakers to students and faculty.
  2. Promote on-line and other accredited content to students, parents, Faculty, and staff
  3. Tutor and mentor West High students

WHPAA Community Goals:

  1. Sponsor community service events to promote and support West High.
  2. Host activities to build the West High community, such as; young alumni events, minority events, and traditional West High events that include sporting and other cultural events for students, staff and alumni.


  1. Join NOW! Be a lifetime member (never any fees or costs for membership)
  2. Make a tax-deductible contribution to The West High Pioneer Alumni Association, Inc..

Questions? Contact Dennis Rees at 316-204-6400

Click to go to West Pioneer Alumni Assoc, Inc. website >: http://www.pioneeralumni.org