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60th Reunion News/Updates

Updated: 6/30/2022
Created for information about Reunion Oct. 7-9, 2022

     Look who has  REGISTERED for 60th Reunion as of 9/26/2022  

Registration &
John & Karen Kelly $100 3/9/22 Yes
Marjorie Wright & Bill Stephans  $119.98 3/14/22 Yes
Rita Rufe $50 3/16/22 Yes
Margaret Dendurent (Meyer) $50 3/18/22 Yes
Philip Hengen $69.98 & $100 3/22/22 Yes
Fred & Sharon Bellman $100 3/22/22  
Roger Sampson & Judy Schmitz $100 & $100 3/29/22 Yes
Lonnie & Sharie Richardson $100 5/22/22 Yes
Wilma Adair & Doug Wine $100 & $50 5/9/22 Yes
James & Vivien Wilson $100 & $100 5/23/22 Yes
Suzanne Hoover Koch $50 5/26/22 Yes
Sam McMillin $50 7/11/22  
Valerie Vandenberg & John $100 & $50 7/16 Yes
Melinda Ware $50 7/31 Yes
Lorraine Aitkins $50 6/26 Yes
 Betty (Lynch) & Terry Atherton      
Max Parick & Perrine $130.97 7/31 Yes
LeRoy Ferman & Sherry  $100 & $20 8/1 Yes
Mike Phipps $69.98 & $100 8/5 Yes
Howar & Nora Appel      
Peter & Kathy Bonefigilo      
Marvin Budd      
Marsha (Haag) Dewey      
Shirley (Moler) Dobbin      
Nin Ruth Faught      
Bonnie (Mitchel) & George Mitchell      
Bruce & Carol (Hollander) Harris      
Nancy (Vincent) McCune      
Samuel McMillin      
Mary Tejeda Moralez      
Vicky Nichols      
Teres Northrup      
Judith Odil (Wright)       
Mike Phipps      
Lana Slaughter (Brozek) & Ronald       
Larry Wacker      
Jimmie & Jean White      
Dr. James & Vivien Wilson      
Patricia (Wood) & Darold Garnett      

    Thanks - If not correct Contact US or call Marjorie Wright Stephans, 316-644-7775

New email (2nd Notice...) sent July 1, 2022, 5:18pm to 169 Class members - Contact US if you received or
if you want to be removed from futher updates about 60th Reunion. 
Subject Emails Sent To: Read By    
07/01/22 05:18 PM 2nd Notice Class of '62, 60th Reunion Details
Notes: 99 days till Reunion   updated Read by 7/11
169 133

Email Sent:

03/16/22 04:28 PM

60th Reunion Details
Notes: Class members to Register for 60th Reunion





Check your spam folder, if you didn't get, It may have come from my name: Karen Dowler Kelly. I've changed, hopefully, and next emails should come from Wichita West '62.com

3rd Notice sumary - 7/11/ 22 

Just a short note to each of you classmates. As we have planned this 60th reunion we hope each of you will seriously consider attending what might be our last time to reunite in person. 
If you are not able to attend the reunion please send a note to be read to the class at the dinner so we will know how you are doing.  Don’t forget to update your profile on the website also. Hoping to see you in October.   Marjorie Wright Stephans & Your Class of 1962 Reunion Committee

Dear $first_name$,

Hope all are well and your'e ready to attend another or first Class Reunion - 60th! It may be the last Big reunion planned. We're not getting any younger and our spunk is slowing down. The Committee is working hard to complete all the details for a great weekend. But we need you to register to confirm our counts for the weekend. Attaching a 60th Reunion Schedule with details and cost. We need you to go online to submit your 60th Reunion Registration. When completed it will send you an email with what you signed up for and a total amount due. When completed it will have Marjorie Wright Stephans address listed for you to mail your check. We'll get a copy via internet of your registration. Don't forget to put name of partner if they are coming.

If you know a class members phone number and they don't have an email, please call them and invite them and we'll mail a paper copy of Registration. Confirm there address for us. 

If any questions or problem registering, email or call Karen Kelly, webmaster, at info@wichitawest62.com - 316-655-7840. 

Lookimg forward to seeing you October 7-9, 2022!

WEBSITE: www.wichitawest62.com         FACEBOOK: WICHITA WEST '62 CLASS

Reunion Commitee,



3/09/2022 -60th Reunion Registration Online to Register for 60th Reunion

 > CONTACT US < TO GET A PAPER COPY mailed to you. Then mail REGISTRATION TO CLASS MEMBERS THAT ARE NOT ON WEBSITE OR DON'T HAVE EMAIL  Or click on > forms below < to download to print copies. 

OPEN AND PRINT ONE PAGE OF EACH SHEET OF PAPER. Only need to mail the Ticket Order with check to Marjorie.



1/31/22 From Announcements

Greetings Class of 1962;
   It will be a fun weekend and one we’ll talk about. Be sure to come and celebrate our 60th Reunion and seeing class members again. 

   Since our 55th Reunion (2017) we have added 17 Class members & Teachers to the In Memory Page.

    We may not get together again after our 60th, but we can still have a virtual reunion on our website any day you post a comment.

  Until we see you, October 7, 8, 9, 2022, stay healthily and keep us informed what you are up to. Edit Contact & Profile (email, address/phone, & add facebook name, add a new photos, etc.) on the website. Click on Person Icon above to make changes.